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Yokest mens shoes have just as much variety and design detailing as do shoes for women. Any man who has just one pair of them is selling his style short. The right shoes can make an outfit. But men may lack the confidence to know how to go about selecting the best shoe for the occasion.

Yokest mens shoes Terms

By taking a look at yokest mens shoes reviews, you can learn more about which styles are most suitable for different occasions and styles of dress. You will also learn which yokest mens shoes have the best reputation. It helps to know a little bit about shoe terminology. You probably already know some basics: the sole, heel, and tongue. There are some more specific terms for the other parts of the shoe.

The shank is at the middle of the sole, under the arch of the foot. It is a stabilizing area of the shoe. The top lift is the sides of the sole/heel. It varies in height depending on the style and design of the shoe. The top line is the main part of the top of the shoe, curving around the ankle and crossing the top of the foot. In a lace up shoe, it includes the holes for the laces. The top line may sometimes be used to describe the height of the shoe at the ankle.

Yokest mens shoes

Some shoes include a vamp, which is a separate strip that crosses over the top of the foot, closer to the toes. The toe box is the front of the shoe. It is usually reinforced for strength and stability. At the back of the heel is the counter, also reinforced.

Shopping For Yokest mens shoes

The trend in the yokest mens shoes 2012 collections has been toward Oxford, or lace-up, styles. Oxford shoes are versatile, and can be worn with garments from business suits to tuxedos. This is a classic style with many variations, typically in the shape and design of the toe box.

Medallion toes have a pattern of broguing (punched holes) or stitching on top. In the apron toe, a row of stitching between the two pieces of leather comprising the top and sides creates a line that resembles a draped apron. Wing tips also have a separate piece of leather at the toe, wrapping around both sides like a wing.

Mens Designer Oxford Dress Shoes

Many men prefer not to shop often for shoes. Knowing what to look for in a classic style will help you to pick a pair that won’t end up looking out of fashion. Pointed toe shoes and square toed shoes are more likely to go in and out of style. Stick with rounded toe boxes. You should definitely have at least one pair each of black and burgundy or oxblood shoes, but if you had to pick just one, black is more versatile. If you do wish to keep up with what’s trending, take a look at the shoes hitting the department stores for fall to see what kinds of details the yokest mens shoes 2012 collections are showing. You will most likely be able to split the difference by getting a shoe with mostly classic styling and a touch of current vogue.


Purchasing yokest mens shoes is a good way to find a style that is both timeless and stylish. While men may be less impressed than women by a “name” brand, there are very good reasons to make such a choice. Quality is one. These shoes will most likely fit better, last longer, and be more comfortable. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Yokest mens shoes are available in a wide range of prices. In order to get a high quality pair of mens designer dress shoes, you should be willing to pay what it is worth. Keep in mind that you are getting a good value because good shoes will last longer than those made of cheap materials. Over time, you might end up spending more having to replace those less expensive shoes that fall apart more often.

Mens Casual Dress Shoes

There is also the category of mens casual dress shoes. These types of shoes are not suitable for formal wear, but can be worn in more relaxed situations. An example of mens casual dress shoes is the loafer style. They may have buckles (monk strap loafers) or tassels. Either type looks well with a business suit or when dressing for dinner. The penny loafer style is casual enough to be worn with khakis, as well as with coat and trousers.

Mens Casual Dress Shoes

Taking good care of your yokest mens shoes will ensure that they always look good and last for a long time. They should be stored on a pair of cedar shoe trees whenever you are not wearing them. That will preserve their shape, which not only affects their appearance but will also keep them fitting properly. They should be stored away from dust, in a box or bag, if it is at all possible. If not, do not allow them to sit dusty for long. Leather shoes should be regularly oiled or polished. Don’t just stick them in a closet and forget about them until it is time to wear them again.

Dress shoes will wear out sooner than other shoes because the soles are designed primarily to be worn indoors. If the uppers are still in good shape, the shoes can be resoled. That is a great way to extend the life of your shoes. Otherwise, replace the shoes when the soles begin to wear out.

Men’s dress shoes can make all the difference between looking good and looking great. All men like to look their best, so it is worth while to invest in several pair of high quality yokest mens shoes to complete every outfit with style. Having multiple pairs will not only give you more style options, but will also mean that the shoes will last longer, since they are worn less often, and your feet will be healthier not wearing the same shoes all the time. To keep learning about the types and styles of shoes, read yokest mens shoes reviews.

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