Whittier: Danny Martin Die in Whittier Find Whittier Obituaries

The district involved by Whittier was once part of the portage course of the Chugach individuals local to Prince William Sound. Afterward, the section was utilized by Russian and American wayfarers, and by prospecting excavators during the Klondike Gold Rush.[5] The close by Whittier Glacier was named for American writer John Greenleaf Whittier in 1915, and the town in the long run accepting the name as well.[8]

During World War II, the United States Army developed a military office, complete with port and railroad, close to Whittier Glacier and named the office Camp Sullivan. The spike of the Alaska Railroad to Camp Sullivan was finished in 1943, and the port turned into the passage for United States fighters into Alaska.[9]

Begich Towers

The two structures that rule the town were worked after World War II. The 14-story Hodge Building (renamed Begich Towers) was finished in 1957 and contains 150 two-and-three-room condos in addition to single guy effectiveness units. Subordinate families and Civil Service workers were moved into this tall structure. The Whittier School was associated by a passage at the base of the west tower so understudies could securely get to class on days with terrible climate. The structure was named to pay tribute to Colonel Walter William Hodge, who was a structural specialist and the boss of 93rd Engineer Regiment on the Alcan Highway.[10]

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