west ryde car accident – what happened to west ryde

“west ryde car accident – “May be yes, may be no. For me yes, for you… I don’t know. Depending on the project the answer may vary. If your aim is to create a crap website with zero traffic then obviously you don’t need ET. But if your expectation is Great Looking, SEO Optimized, Cheap…, Great Functionality and Versatility then you didn’t waste your time reading this review because no other premium wordpress themes other than elegant themes have such Functionality along with Such Design currently!

To be honest, $39 is ridiculously cheap for 50+ themes with great design and great features while SINGLE crap premium themes with no functionality are being sold for $50, $69, $96… currently!

$39/50=$0.78 per 1 theme (Actually there are more than 50 themes and every month 3-4 themes are being added.)

Some themes that are especially designed for certain niches such as Estore (for Shopping niche), ElegantEstate (real estate niche) or AskIt (Functions as help desk) would cost you over $5.000 if you’d hire a web designer/coder, but with ET all themes are available for just $39!

Also, it is not all about design, for example, website that isn’t optimized for SEO will get ZERO targeted traffic even if it has the best design in the world. Maybe there are some other premium themes that have better design than Elegant Themes, but believe me such functions aren’t available with those themes.

Elegant Themes is where functionality meets Beauty.

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