Tom Alf Hamilton Ohio

Tom Alf Hamilton Ohio said she filled up the extra gasoline and the containers just in case there weren’t gas stations on the way to Ocean City we know that’s a lie because she didn’t even fill up her own gas tank all the way then this prosecutor Steve Chafin says detectives discovers someone tried to torch the car before it erupted into a deadly fireball Tom Alf Hamilton Ohio can see the attempt on the right side front door you can see the charring where somebody took a lighter and actually just tried to light the car on fire that didn’t work could it be possible a loving mom douses her five-year-old with gas lights him on fire could stands back and watch us and burn to death.

we believe that she’s now using the gasoline to sprinkle it on Daniel and it even reached his underwear then the most shocking revelation of all the medical examiner told us that he didn’t have any Sutton as Long’s so that means he wasn’t breathing at the time of the fire he was already dead so Daniel was already dead five year-old Daniel Dana did not die in a tragic car fire his death was not an accident it was murder at what point did your investigation take a turn down the homicide path the very second we were informed from the chief medical examiner’s office that they were going to call it on something the medical examiner says the little boy was dead before the first flame toxicology reports show he was poisoned given a fatal dose of diphenhydramine what’s interesting is diphenhydramine is not a drug that you find in average children’s medicine you really Tom Alf Hamilton Ohio only find it in benadryl but that’s not medicine that you give to a child to bring down a fever or for a cold or anything like that it’s medicine

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