Tim Mclean Death: what crime scene and photos says about this Obituary

Tim Mclean Death and crime scene photos is a fast paced book that just keeps moving.  It has a really interesting idea which I had to read to the end to find out the outcome and it delivered to the end.

Eddie Barrow, Jr is a writer who has never published a book.  He’s misunderstood by his family, his girlfriend has left him and he just lost his job.  His best friend, Corey owes him money and the rent and he has just lost his job too.  Oh and it’s winter and the electricity crime scene bill along with a lot of others is due to be paid.

Tim Mclean Crime Scene Death


Eddie just wanted to be published.  He did all the right things, sent his books to publishers and was rejected again and again.  Imagine how he feels when he finds out some singer is getting a multi million dollar book publishing deal for telling all about her sex tape scandal.  Now that’s just not right.

Jordyn, Corey’s girlfriend, comes up with a Tim Mclean plan (cue Broderick from Black Adder) and Eddie plans to get caught with a celebrity, in a sex scandal, with Eddie as a maledom.  This is guaranteed to create a huge scandal, Eddie gets his face on TV, mentions he’s an author and the book deals role in.

It can’t go wrong!

Of course, it does go wrong.  Tim Mclean ends up with a dead body , cops chasing Corey and him with Jordyn helping them to escape.  They are called murderers and kidnappers with everyone looking out for them.  Well, Eddie did want to be on national TV with everyone knowing his name.  They do say be careful what you wish for…..

I was asked by Russell Brooks to review this book and received a free copy.  I advised him I would write a review whether I liked it or not

Crime Scene

I really enjoyed this book.  Each time I thought it would go the predictable way, he took a left turn.  It’s fast paced, interesting, funny and has lots of twists and turns in it, exactly what you want from a thriller.

I recommend you buy this book.  Even though I got this as a free copy, I’m hooked on Russell Brooks as an author and I’ll be buying his other books.  Probably another cunning plan by Russell.

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