Priyanka Reddy Hyderabad Death latest news : Rape case justice for priyanka reddy

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It is suspected that the principle suspect, distinguished as Mohd Pasha, alongside others, grabbed her, assaulted her and murdered her. Pasha is a local of Mahbubnagar area.

Hyderabad: Cyberabad police supposedly captured four individuals, including truck drivers and cleaners, regarding the passing of P.Priyanka Reddy here on Friday.

It is suspected that the fundamental suspect, recognized as Mohd Pasha, alongside others, hijacked her, assaulted her and executed her. Pasha is a local of Mahbubnagar area.

Police presume that the assailants punctured her bike and seized her on the affection of helping her fix the punctured tire.

They took her to the separated spot close to Tondupally’s toll entryway, assaulted her between the left trucks and slaughtered her.

Police should even now decide whether Priyanka was pounded the life out of or choked.

The body was later taken in a truck to the sewer and consumed under it. In the interim, the bike was taken by one of the suspects and relinquished out and about in Kothur, simply outside.

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