Paula Allen Murder

paula allen murder – some killers attack complete strangers some target the vulnerable the young or the elderly and some prey on people that they know there are killers who are inspired by money or by revenge by sexual deviancy by hatred there are opportunists paula allen and there are meticulous planners but what unites these men and women is one simple trade and it’s the most terrifying thing of all they live amongst us in our towns on our streets in our houses they’re just like the rest of us but capable of evil and they could be anywhere welcome to murder town.

paula allen Oh tonight’s episode tells

the story of a depraved killer who set in motion a sequence of events that left a whole town stunned where in Darlington in England’s northeast the market town often associated with the birth of the railway it’s home to a hundred thousand people a proud community Murder that looks after its own in 1998 it was home to David Davies a local man who had followed his dream of joining the police and who was now hot on the heels of the town’s criminals I first became interested

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