Watch Nathan Mays Injury video: Nate Mays carried onto field for final kneel down play

nathan mays injury UPDATE:After the Youngstown State University soccer team began the 2019 season with four consecutive successes, the last 50% of the year has been extreme.

YSU seemed to shoot all the cameras during the first rounds of the period. The penguins overwhelmed different groups, scoring their opponents 178-75 during the run of four consecutive victories.

When the group arrived at the game of the Missouri Valley Soccer Conference, however, the fire lessened.

Joe Alessi crosses the protective line of North Dakota State University. Civil Photography of YSU Sports Information

“I can say that a part of the mistakes we have made, I said at an early stage. We made a part of those mistakes from the beginning of the year, ”said Penguin mentor Bo Pelini. “A part of those makes them shake their heads.”

Having a joint victory, the penguin season final trusts are everything, except the end. The consecutive misfortunes of 56 points make this the first test in a long time that YSU has allowed at least 50 times in a lonely season.

Pelini said the group is playing for pride as of now and in the foreseeable future.

“That was a humiliation. That exhibition on Saturday … I’m sorry for everyone related to this program, ”he said. “That is not adequate, and I am responsible for it.”

However, the season has not been a complete disgrace. A large number of the youngest players have seen play.

An ideal model is the development of second-year quarterback Joe Craycraft. Before playing the initial job after the damage of Nathan Mays, Craycraft saw a significant game time as an optional quarterback. Pelini said he accepts the latest that almost no game will give younger players some game time.

“In each of the three stages, we are trying to assess the plausibility of interpreting some younger people where possible,” Pelini said. “You must evaluate the advantages of placing them there [and] get some understanding. … This kind of freshman recruitment we have is extremely talented, presumably our best selection class until the end, however, I would rather not do so to the detriment of [the players] and give yourself the most obvious chance of winning. ”

In a previous public interview, Pelini said the group would take a step forward and then a couple of steps in reverse.

“I am baffled. I’m really baffled since I saw this group do it and play quite well, ”said Pelini.

Last season, the group had four successes. The penguins are now 5-5 overall and 1-5 at the Missouri Valley Conference.

Another notable contrast is the adjustment in protected performance. With only nine protected turnovers in 2018, the penguins dominated that measurement with a sum of 16 turnovers so far this season.

Justus Reed (right) and Antoine Cook pursue the quarterback of the University of South Dakota. YSU Sports Information photography obligation

With the plausibility of the off-table end of the season games, Pelini said that despite the fact that players are experiencing intense occasions, they need to continue.

“That is the main way you can go. You can’t turn your tail and run, ”he said. “You must be a man and acknowledge the obligation regarding what is happening, despite myself, and keep moving forward. That is the main way to escape from the trenches in this way.

The Penguins will balance the season with a street game against Indiana State University on Saturday before going directly to Ice Castle for a final game on November 23. The opening shot for the game against the State of Indiana is scheduled for 1 pm in Indiana.

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