melissa auguston murder

melissa auguston murder – the obvious thing that this psychographic information helps us to do is to inform our messaging what kind of voice to use places to put our messages cross promotions and partnerships to cultivate but here’s the really interesting part it also helps us to decide what kinds of experiences to create in the first place what murder we’re getting at here is experience design remember there’s a lot more to your audience’s evening than the music you choose to perform in a recent study of major orchestras the number one reason single ticket priors melissa auguston didn’t return wasn’t anything having to do with the program itself it was the parking when you’re beginning to consider this think of all the decisions that you have the ability to make venue location time of day transportation seating lighting food and drink sponsorships,

pre and post concert activities created programs are speaking from the stage multimedia elements format and flow of the show merchandise and opportunities for the audience to participate and interact so let’s take Trevor as an example we know that he enjoys a boutique trendy experience when it comes to dining in the arts so we can pick a swanky venue and partner with food sponsors or local chefs that will satisfy that urge for better for worse he cares a lot about making sure other people know he’s a trendsetter so giving him exclusive insider access to information events and to the art itself that he can share with his friends and followers would help him to maintain that street cred and has the added benefit of getting him to evangelize for us he is also very clearly living a mobile life so making sure that our website is responsive and mobile friendly and that tickets are available via an app that he can access on his phone will make the process that much easier after all our greatest competition with Trevor isn’t the other cultural events going on that night its YouTube with the couch,

and fuzzy slippers so we’ve got to make the experience so easy so convenient and such a cool thing for him to be seen at that it’s a no-brainer for him to go so what does this mean for the music this is where your creativity as an artist comes in you should do what you love what you do well what you’re passionate about that’s number one but if you’re hoping to reach out to new audiences getting to know them and finding these points of connection isn’t about dumbing things down it’s about listening and making a welcoming introduction at the right time and place when you have music that you’re passionate about playing take ,

it with you everywhere you go compare it to the world around you and find those points of connection you’ll discover ways of talking about the work of presenting the work pieces to pair it with an interesting venues for it to exist all of these connections will go into your idea Bank as you start to consider the many choices you have available to you it’s the experience design that will get people through the door comfortable and in the right frame of mind to begin an artistic conversation with you you’ve taken the time to get to know them to create an experience that’s attractive and that the expect will be entertaining once they’re in then it’s your art that will take them far beyond that to transform and to inspire that’s what we alone can do as artists that’s our superpower and once we’ve done that we’ll have built the kinds of relationships that last a lifetime

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