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The battle for cute hair begins the moment the alarm clock rings. Do I leap out of bed to gain a few precious minutes to style my hair? Or do I lay here soaking up what little time I have left? Anyone that knows me can probably guess that it’s usually the latter option than wins. My hair has some natural curl, so sparing a few minutes to run a flat iron through is as fancy as it gets. The result is just a lifeless mop that hangs on my head, waiting to be ignored.

That all changed when I found the Mestar Iron Pro.

Discovering the Mestar Iron Pro

When I saw the Mestar Iron Pro first pop up in my Facebook feed, I was intrigued. A flat iron that curls hair? Um, sign me up! I began obsessively watching videos of women gliding the Mestar Iron Pro through their hair. Curls that would take me an hour to achieve were being perfected in minutes. This product was a dream come true! Well, until I got to the $200 price tag. Ouch.

I told myself that was just too much money. I also knew convincing my husband why I needed such an overpriced flat iron was a tall order. So I just moved on. No Mestar Iron Pro for me. I’ll just keep my mediocre hair and my $200, thank you very much.

Taking the MESTAR IRON PRO Plunge

MESTAR IRON PRO had other ideas in mind. The iron continued to invade my Facebook feed. Nearly every day I would scroll by a video of those perfect curls. I couldn’t get that iron out of my head…or my Facebook feed! This is when I began combing the internet for Mestar Iron Pro reviews. I found reviews of hundreds of women who have tried the iron with mostly positive results. I knew I couldn’t think about it any longer. Especially since the company has a 30-day return policy with free shipping both ways. What does this mean? A risk-free trial run! After weeks of wishing and wanting, I finally took the plunge and ordered my very own Mestar Iron Pro.

The Mestar Iron Pro Arrives…Finally!

MESTAR IRON PRO offers free two-day shipping. Which is perfect for anyone like me who feels like they have waited an eternity to order and needs this iron in their life yesterday. The Mestar Iron Pro arrived in two days as promised. I excitedly opened the package to find a tissue paper wrapped white box. It’s Christmas! Well, not quite. The iron also comes with a protective heat sleeve. Which if you’ve ever needed to pack up a hot iron, you know how handy those can be!


My iron arrived on a week night and despite my enthusiasm, I wasn’t able to try it the moment it showed up on my door step. I set my alarm for the next morning a whole 15 minutes early to give my MESTAR IRON PRO its much anticipated inaugural run. The white box the iron comes in has some basic instructions, and there are plenty of YouTube video tutorials and Mestar Iron Pro reviews out there to help get you started. I felt like I had done enough homework that I could probably use the Mestar Iron Pro in my sleep. I was wrong!

I’ll admit my first try fell flat. Don’t expect to be cruising along like all the videos when you first get started. It was a little more complicated than I expected. There are these brown guidelines that you will probably come to hate at first. I know I did. The guidelines should always be facing the scalp. You also always want to set the iron down on the guidelines. What does this mean? A whole lot of brown guideline management. This also means the way you hold the iron changes depending on the side of the head you’re working on. Confusing? Yep.

If the brown guideline thing wasn’t hard enough, you also need to pay attention to how much you twist the iron, which direction you’re pulling the hair through (go toward the mirror!), how fast you’re gliding and how much tension you have when you clamp down on the iron. If you don’t have all these factors right, you might not be doing much curling at all. Which is where I was on day one. I did manage to get a few curls, but I went to work with my hair looking a little…strange.

Practice Makes Perfect

After the failed first attempt, I decided to hold off any more Mestar Iron Pro curling until the weekend. I was starting to wonder if maybe this iron was a little overhyped. Really, I just needed to be able to devote more time to figuring it out. I started playing the tutorial YouTube videos while I worked with the iron. Watching the videos was a game-changer for me. If you don’t get great results, it’s probably you and not the iron. The motions just didn’t come naturally for me and took a little bit of work to train myself on. I saw many other Mestar Iron Pro reviews where this was the case, so I was definitely not alone.

The people at MESTAR IRON PRO do offer a free one-on-one video consultation if you are struggling to figure it out. While this was tempting for me, I just kept using the iron and learning from my mistakes. Every day my technique got better and I was getting more satisfied with the results. I would say within a week, it started to really click for me. One challenge I’m still working on is getting the back of my hair curled. It’s still a little hit or miss, but you will have that with any styling tool.

I’ve also found that if I don’t use hairspray, the curls start falling out within a few hours. I have the same issue with a curling iron. Some days I’m totally okay with that. It still results in really nice volume, which is a good look for me.

Is The Mestar Iron Pro Worth $200?

While I still think $200 is a little steep, it was worth it. It’s such a unique tool and has added so much dimension to my hair. I would never bother curling my hair before work with a traditional curling iron. With the Mestar Iron Pro, I can achieve the same style in about 10 minutes. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair since I started using the Mestar Iron Pro. It adds a lot of volume and body I wouldn’t otherwise have.

If you’re still on the fence about buying the MESTAR IRON PRO, I’d say go for it. You don’t really have anything to lose. If it doesn’t work out, just pack it up and send it back within 30 days. It certainly feels better than wondering what you’re missing out on! If you still aren’t sold, check out some more Mestar Iron Pro reviews.

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