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The police confirmed the full scope of today’s attack, a suspect was shot by specialist armed officers from the city of London Police and I can confirm that this suspect died at the scene and other people were injured during this incident as soon as we can provide more updates on his status, due to reports that the suspect could Having had a device specialized in explosive agents. They also attended it and the wide Corden are in place to ensure that their remains are not an additional danger to the public, however, I can confirm at this time that we believe that a device that was attached to the suspect’s body is a false explosive device, a false explosive device. While these grainy images do not show the details of the device they carry, they clearly show the selfless heroism of the people who fought against this man on the ground. Oh my God,

this man running around greeting people too far from the scene with one hand and inside. the other what is believed to be the knife of the attackersmiles fled immediately, many more fled to the restaurants of the nearby Barra Market. It is just a constant flow of people. Thousands and thousands of people have been evacuated from the London Bridge and the Borough Market. The vast majority of whom we speak is frightened and in absolute disbelief. He ran into a restaurant and they told us to leave now incredulous before the story doing what the story occasionally does and the horrific Lee repeats the memories of a summer night two and a half years ago again days before an election when three terrorists killed eight people and were injured. 48 again in London Bridge and Borough Market Bangor Maine, where we were, but it was a market, it was a sensation and, probably, in the first place, I just think you know what we feared would happen, what is happening again and we hear this noise . that was that the noise you think of as a shot very

often told us to stop, you’re fine, you came to a safe place, yes, We closed all the doors when all the guests were on the floor when we bought some of their guests on the ground floor because the kitchen felt as if most of the boys had already passed it once we entered the same engines, of which We usually make sure, I guess Oh, calm down, I took care of everyone and we were just evacuated just three weeks ago the threat level dropped from severe to substantial, which meant that the attacks were more likely than probable, so tonight He asked who this attacker was, what his motives were and that decision to lower the level of threat was correct much earlier. to the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who has paid tribute to the members of the public that attacked the attacker. I started asking his message to London. Anyone who has seen those images on the bridge was horrible. What is remarkable is the courage of the common Londoners who ran towards this man and, if they have seen it, it is quite disturbing. knife size, this man was Korean and all the ramones of the public were so brave and I am very proud that Londoners behave in this way, of course, I am also proud of Seaville’s first responders and the armed police response The team of these Londoners had no weapons and if they ran to this suspect they stopped him and we have seen by the images that finally the young response team shot him and lost his life, but I want to thank all these Londoners for being the best of us, but it’s important that we all stay tuned, We must always be vigilant if you suspect someone or something, inform the police, unfortunately, it is not the first time that terror has struck during an election campaign, if the moment is significant if the campaign is suspended as it was the last time, yes I think it should be, I mean, I’m supposed to campaign tomorrow I have to be honest, I mean I only know myself to campaign, this Arthur has been extremely distressing. I think we should pause for 24 hours. I know that I know that my son violates the confidences that some of those who are injured are quite injured. I know that these families will be anxious to worry.

The last thing I want is to knock on the doors and I think we should stop the campaign for 24 hours. Pray for the wounded to get through this and see what happens um you are going to take that message to the minister, will you be talking to him well about what can happen? Therefore, this is a decision taken by several people who could be a cobra meeting that will take place in the next 24 hours, it is too early to decide that now, but during the course of the next few hours, that decision will be made. One of the notable things about the way our country operates is when it comes to terrorism issues that we leave aside party politics. I have been to many cobra meetings with prime ministers of different policies. persuasions for me and what is fantastic is the collegial way in which we work regional mayors, prime ministers, defense secretaries, the police, the security services and I have great confidence that the system will mean that there will be no political policy of the party in what happens. together to make sure that all steps are being taken to keep it as safe as possible, taking into account that only one final question people will worry about their safety, there has been a lot of discussion about the numbers of police, what do you say to London about How safe should they feel in your city tonight? the four horrible attacks in 2017 due to the fantastic police that we have and the security services and cooperation of the public rooms, we think that more than 20 terrorist attacks in our city in our way of life and one of the things that these terrorists they tried to do is interrupt our way of life and, so that they know, dividing communities which allows them to do so,

I have been pressing for the past three years since I have been mayor to obtain additional resources that we need to reverse the cuts made. before saying if the cuts have something to do with what happened today, let’s be clear we should not excuse terrorism or criminality, the responsibility of today’s attack rests with this man, the heroism we have seen is from ordinary Londoners and the first Police response, so I think it is premature to point the cards with your finger. Sadiq Khan, thank you very much everyone. This occurs only weeks after the terrorist threat from the United Kingdom was first degraded in five years. A political correspondent, Miss Bates, now lives on the outskirts of Downing Street. Liz, yes, The prime minister is back here on Downing Street tonight, unexpectedly after the incident on the London Bridge. We know that Boris Johnson was this morning as normal in the general election campaign, since the details of the incident began to emerge, he was taken back to number 10 and then senior security officials informed him that the head of the Metropolitan Police crowned a Cock and the Assistant Commissioner Neel Basu after the Prime Minister gave an update on the situation and this is what he had to say first with the emergency services with the police, the bravery they showed when they went to danger as they do, I also want to pay tribute to the extraordinary courage of those members of the public who intervened physically to protect the lives of others and for me they represent the best of our country and I thank you on behalf of our entire country,

Boris Johnson also said this afternoon to do The campaign for the Tonight the general elections were suspended in London, the Labor Party did the same, they also suspended the campaigns in the capital and we know that tomorrow there was a scheduled general election campaign event that was supposed to include the Prime Minister. We understand that this has been canceled, we know tonight that as the police investigation is ongoing, there will also be meetings here between government officials and security officials, There will probably also be a meeting of the Cobra C government’s emerging committee, all of that will continue until night and we can wait for updates in the next few hours. Liz Thank you very much. You will join me now is Luke Walton, who works near where the Luke attack occurred , Where are you? When do you realize that something horrible was happening? It is my colleague who had tried to leave the building to go to lunch and then I came back to say that the building was locked and then, moments later, he said we heard four shots looking out the window and then we saw many people running across the bridge scared and screaming due to the shots. happening which is very finding because being working somewhere,

I work five days a week to have something like that so close that it was horrible, I reacted to everyone around him because obviously some people were there two and a half years ago when there was another terrorist attack here, so panicking directly upon hearing the shots, there was a kind of points on someone in the office who I even cried because they were so scared that that was what was happening outside the office that we really didn’t know at that time. initial shots, so after the initial shots it was when and everyone on the bridge started crossing here and the buses dug and evacuated because of what the police were trying to chase after the person and then the lights went on on the bridge moments after that everyone had migrated off the beach and escaped what happened and saw the suspect on the ground, so yes, in our reception area we have that there is a telescope in the reception area where people can look around on the London Bridge and from that Tesco we could look from the bridge and see the body of the man on the floor without a stove must have been quite shocking, yes, those who are shopping to see something like that and happen as I said so close to where I work, do you feel now? Do you know more fear? Do you feel safe in London? How have you reacted? I think I still feel safe because the police responded so quickly and I know they were civilians fighting trying to take this guy’s knife away and it’s scary that it was a hard villain to do and then the police have to take the people,

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