Jon Comer Skateboarder Death? What Cause Of Death

Jon Comer, the main expert skateboarder with a prosthetic leg,

Jon Comer died on December 5, 2019, at age 43. No reason for death has been discharged.. Comer turned expert in the mid-1990s and won fans far and wide with his vert and cement skatepark recordings, remembering a full part for the 1999 Powell video ‘Enchantment,’ rousing an age of competitors with handicaps to make up skateboarding and other move sports.

Jon Comer was the back up parent

“It’s a given: Jon Comer was the back up parent of versatile skateboarding,” says Daniel Gale, the game coordinator for versatile games at X Games including the Adaptive Skateboard Park occasion that appeared as a decoration occasion at X Games Minneapolis 2019. “A ton of skaters seeing his recordings and photographs in magazines during the ’90s didn’t even quickly see the prosthetic leg. The stuff that he was doing on vert slopes on a prosthetic leg when no one else was, was comparable to pretty much some other star skateboarder at the time.”

Comer harmed his correct foot in a fender bender when he was four years of age, and had it cut away quite a long while later, at age 7. It didn’t prevent him from taking up skateboarding at age 12. The 2004 narrative ‘Never Been Done: The Jon Comer Story,’ coordinated by Matthew J. Forces, accounts his life and skateboarding profession and won honors that year at the San Diego Film Festival, Houston International Film Festival, Tiburon International Film Festival, and the X-Dance Film Festival. Comer was modest about his achievements when met for the film: “I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I think what I’ve done in my life is astounding, in light of the fact that to me it’s simply my life,” he said at the time. “Dislike attempting to dazzle anyone. I’m simply skating and having a fabulous time.”

Kindness Adaptive Action Sports

Storm, who helped to establish Adaptive Action Sports with snowboarder Amy Purdy, says Comer is legitimately answerable for carrying versatile games to X Games. Storm and Purdy initially met him at the Extremity Games in 2006, and later welcomed him to skate in a progression of exhibit occasions they composed at X Games Los Angeles somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2011 that filled in as a precursor for bringing versatile motocross, snowboard, mono ski, snowmobile, and skateboard occasions to X Games in the course of the most recent decade. At the point when Gale stretched the go-beyond to arrange Adaptive Skateboard Park as an award occasion in 2019, Comer was the primary skater he called with a greeting.

“He was on our list until the day preceding our first practice nearby,” Gale says. “We thought he was going to make it and everybody was super freeloaded when he called and said he wasn’t feeling great.”

Evan Strong completed fourth at that occasion and has likewise contended in Adaptive Snowboarder X at X Games. Solid won Snowboard Cross gold at the 2014 Sochi Paralympics, and says he properties a lot of his prosperity to a suddenly call from Comer when he was a youngster.

“Jon assumed a basic job for me as I recuperated from my mishap 15 years back in Maui after I was hit by a vehicle and my left leg was removed,” Strong says. “Before the mishap I was an exceptional beginner skateboarder in Hawaii and some way or another he caught wind of my mishap. He really contacted me while I was still in the emergency clinic just to check whether he could assist in any capacity. I let him know, ‘Man, I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I’m regularly going to skateboard once more’ and he stated, ‘Goodness, you’ll be skating once more, ensured. It felt like such a distant idea at the time, and he brought it right to me.”

Solid says Comer sent him a development DVD duplicate of ‘Never Been Done’ for his eighteenth birthday celebration to help effectively express the idea.

“I turned 18 in the medical clinic, and understanding that DVD persuaded me to do my non-intrusive treatment, discover a prosthetist, and recuperate and recoup to return to doing what I adored so a lot: the enjoyment of skateboarding,” Strong says. “It truly impelled me to where I am currently, to the X Games, the Paralympics, every last bit of it. Somehow or another my life and my profession as a competitor has truly been more prominent than I’d at any point envisioned before my mishap, and Jon truly sent me on that way. I’m everlastingly appreciative to him for it and I certainly feel committed to pass it on.”

Oscar Loreto Jr., who completed sixth at the Minneapolis 2019 Adaptive Skateboard Park occasion, says he was first motivated to take a stab at skateboarding in the wake of seeing Comer in a promotion in a skateboard magazine.

“It was a grouping of him where he kicks his prosthetic leg off while doing a kickflip, arriving back on the board with simply his stump and liner,” Loreto says. “I thought it was the most diseased thing ever. Like, I need to do that!”

Loreto is a standard footer and skates with a prosthetic to his left side leg. Comer was a silly footer, skating with a prosthetic on his correct leg.

“The first occasion when I met him was in 2006 when Adaptive Action Sports was doing the Vans Warped Tour, and quickly he began bailing me out with foot arrangement, offering me guidance regarding the best prosthetics, the best settings for spring and solidness,” Loreto reviews. “He certainly spread that information, to me and to any individual who needed pursued his lead. Jon was only a sympathetic buddy who adored skateboarding. He was stirred on anyone who needed to shred, and constantly needed to spread the feed. Losing him is lamentable: I’m going to miss him a great deal. I will commend his life in the main way that appears to be right, by going skateboarding and attempting to help rouse some others to do likewise.”

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