John Messinger Death

John Messinger Death – Gaithersburg Maryland talk to me exactly about what happened it was the last day of school and she picked up Daniel she took him to a lot of different restaurants and then just started to drive around sometime around 3:00 am nargis decides to drive Daniel to Ocean City Maryland about four hours away for a spontaneous beach trip but they never make it on a dark twisting suburban road Nargis loses control of the car barrels over a concrete median and the car explodes into a fireball in a distance

I saw a vehicle that was like home fire you saw the actual vehicle on fire paramedic RG Koepke just happened to be returning from another call and rushed to the scene what’s the first thing you did when you actually got out to the vehicle I asked the bystanders outside if there was anybody in the car some of the bystanders said there was a individual on the ground on the other side of the car it’s Nargis face down on the asphalt writhing in John Messinger Death pain what she badly burned some of her clothes were burnt off and she had some dark colored skin going on so she was talking she was screaming and I asked her if there anybody else in the car and she said her son was in the car but the car was still on fire the desperate bomb pleads for Koepke to save her only son but all for the car doors are locked the whole inside was covered with smoke all the windows were dark.

I was able to bust out a window open some doors and then see anything except like a bunch of blankets on the floorboard and I didn’t see a child’s car seat or anything in the backseat moments later a Montgomery County fire engine arrives and firemen extinguished the flames but there’s no sign of Daniel what did you do at that point I still asked if she had her son in there and she said yes so I didn’t know if she was like out of¬†Jennifer Kara¬† her mind like you know maybe she thought he was there but he wasn’t nargis is rushed to a burn trauma center in grave condition firefighters then began digging through the still smoldering car they find heartbreak what did you discover the firefighters

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