Jennifer Kara Ferguson

Jennifer Kara Ferguson – no one ever thought this would be Daniel Dana’s last birthday beautiful video of Daniel at his fifth birthday party surrounded by his father and grandmother and an aunt Daniel was a bright curious soon-to-be first grader who loved karate and playing his guitar you can see the love you can see the happiness and you can see Daniel’s Jennifer Kara Ferguson beautiful smile and face Dana was a beautiful child who was loved the only thing that made the little five-year-old sad his parents constant fighting they met in Iran got married and shortly thereafter he brought her to the United States.

I think it was challenging for the marriage attorney Marybeth Ayers says Nargis chauffeur odd and Timmy Dana’s marriage was doomed from the beginning they’re actually related their first cousins but not biologically she was adopted court records show the Iranian immigrants had filed restraining orders against each other prosecutor Jennifer Kara Ferguson Steve shaken says there were even allegations of abuse there was a lot of going back and forth with arguing text messages they’re bitter divorce was followed by an even nastier custody battle over little Daniel Ayers says Nargis was jealous over a young nanny Hameed had hired and was livid when Daniel.

spent time with them seems like at this point she was willing to do anything and to go to any lengths to make sure that child would not spend time with his father yes and and I think the way she saw the child was kind of spoils of the custody war Hameed in turn hired a private investigator to prove Nargis was an unfit mother he wanted custody and it was horrible they were using Daniel as a pawn the day before the final hearing to determine which parent would win primary custody of Daniel Nargis asked a friend to borrow his car and drives to Daniel’s school in

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