How to Buy Bitcoin – The best App to Buy Bitcoin


10brokerreviews helps people just like you to get started in buying bitcoin and trading bitcoin. Bitcoin has seen a massive demand, but figuring out where to start is not easy. We have objectively tested all the different ways you can get involved in buying, selling and trading bitcoin, and the by far easiest way we have found is through the BDSwiss trading app. Download below



Bitcoin Trading Basics


Seeing as the price of bitcoin goes up and down on a daily basis, it is crucial to be able to profit from bitcoin going in both directions. Trading through the app of a broker like BDSwiss allows users to buy bitcoin when the price is going up, and sell bitcoin when the price is going down. Other crypto currencies can also be traded through the platform, together with more traditional CFD trading assets. An added benefit from trading through such an app is being able to trade with a certain leverage. Below an image of how the app looks like >>>Click to download<<<

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trading


Compared to traditional financial assets, there are many advantages to trading with Cryptocurrencies, which are increasing their popularity. Cryptocurrency trading allows for large profits from small investments due to fast changes in the market. Also, traders only are required to deposit a fraction of what it would cost to actually own certain cryptocurrencies. Trading Bitcoin is unique in that it allows to profit from both rising and falling prices. This is not the case when you simply own a cryptocurrency. Then you can only earn if it goes up, not when it goes down.


Disadvantages of Bitcoin trading must be considered as well, and new traders should educate themselves on this before trading. Bitcoin trading can carry very high risks, and can potentially result in large losses.


Compared to traditional stocks, cryptocurrencies have higher spreads. Regulations and supervision are generally available, but are weaker than with traditional trading.



Rather than owning bitcoin, trading bitcoin makes a lot more sense as you can actually benefit from both a rise and drop in bitcoin price. You can also make use of the available leverage to trade a higher volume then the amount of money you plan to invest. When comparing all the brokers out there, 10brokersreviews found that the broker that suits traders needs the best is BDSwiss. To get started, simply download their trading app Below and register for your trading account.

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