Eric Rosenbaum Tattoo Artist Death , Norm Tattoo ,Graffiti Artist

Eric Rosenbaum Death, better known as Norm Will Rise and owner of Love Letter Tattoo in Los Angeles, has passed away.

The legendary death of the tattoo artist and graffiti artist has been confirmed by several colleagues.

Anthony Carreiro, tattoo artist of Love Letter, paid tribute to Norm by a message on Instagram, in which he said: “Thanks for all NORMWILLRISE”.

The cause of Norm’s death was not revealed, but it seems that his death was unexpected.

His  latest update on Instagram  shows that the latest tattoo artist had to go to Miami’s “Get Inked” convention this weekend and return to Los Angeles and Mexico by the end of the month.

The Instagram page of Miami’s “Get Inked” recounted how Norm died before he could go to the tattoo convention.

“A very sad and tragic loss today. @normloveletters has never been to convention today. Unfortunately died just before leaving to come here for our convention. @bigsleeps had to leave and go home. My most sincere condolences to them in this very difficult time. Pray for your family.

Norm was one of the best-known graffiti teams: AWR (Angels Will Rise), Mad Society Kings (MSK) and The Seventh Letter (TSL).

Norm became a household name and switched to a tattoo artist, transferring his street art knowledge to the skin of his clients. The Los Angeles-based tattoo artist was originally from Baltimore and moved to California in the mid-1990s.

Several fans paid tribute to Norm’s graffiti and tattoo work during his successful career.

In an interview with  The Hundreds  , Norm revealed that he had made his graffiti debut when he moved to San Francisco in 1998.

“I come from Baltimore, I moved to Southern California, then to the San Francisco area where I started writing graffiti in 1998. I learned everything about graffiti and theft, and everything what was fucking about graffiti in San Francisco. “

Norm Will Rise will be remembered for his street art and contributions to tattoo and graffiti culture.

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