dorenbos murder

dorenbos murder – I had a look in and I can only describe it as looking like a pillowcase or something like that a pillow slip containing what was obviously rotting remains of some flesh with some bone there was a lot of insect life in there and it was essentially just very slushy to look at but could be consistent obviously with somebody having thrown a dead dog over it was about the right size David search for a missing person had unearthed some mysterious remains and a baffling claim from the homeowner but what was the truth David needed backup to work out what was going on nothing had been suggested to me that this person was anything other than still alive so when I found this bag it clearly had to be dealt with but in the back of my mind

dorenbos murder I didn’t really think at that point

that this was a human but what her David found what had been going on as the investigation commenced the true horror of a killer on Darlington streets began to emerge you might expect this from in other big urban city but but not country towns suddenly Darlington was thrust into a horror movie all over the UK there are small towns with proud histories and thriving local communities and Darlington is no exception Darlington is a fairly small  town population of about a hundred thousand Andrew Smith helped to keep the town connected through dorenbos  his role at the local newspaper the northern echo it ranges from working-class people and obviously there is a section of Darlington that’s probably at the lower end of the the social scale on benefits and but there are also large areas of Dantan particularly towards the west of the town which are affluent well-to-do nice leafy suburbs it’s a nice town to live in and to be around I think I was interested in journalism because I was quite good at English at school and it seems you know take the easy option but I was also interested obviously interested in stories in news in people


there is crime obviously does this petty crime has burglaries thoughts really it’s pretty much run-of-the-mill I would imagine in terms of any town of this size and in in England in the late 1990s it was a town that was home to Julie Patterson Julie Peterson was with her four children 31 years old by all accounts Julie was a likable girl and popular had a good circle of friends she had a fairly tragic life a mom died when she was very young about three years old she suffered from depression she was on valium but my understanding is that Julie just wanted to be loved and she wanted stability in our life and that’s what that’s what she was looking for her brother was dorenbos Michael Peterson and they spent their early years in nearby Durham someone there’s of me and Julie I think at the infant school both of the same color hair when we were younger that was Julie when she was in the Girl Guides 1981 was always happy called the parties birthday parties with the school friends happy times their memories that half the Cape about Julie only a handful of four walls of me and Julie together we walk

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