Clicksud – Your digital world is a free and equidistant entertainment site that indexes free content that is freely accessible on the internet. This site indexes embed codes of free video recordings from sites such as:,,,,,,,,, and other video sharing sites.

The site does not store user information. We do not host or upload any video, media and we are not responsible for the accuracy, copyright, legality, decency or other aspect that may be contained on our site. If you have any legal problem please contact the sites that host these files, we have no power over them. Also, no image file is stored or uploaded to the Clicksud platform – your digital world, they are hosted or downloaded for free and freely from platforms such as (Google+, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr).

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

– Can’t watch videos on servers?

First,  make sure you have the latest version of flash player installed on the official website: .
However, if you have Flash Player installed and no server is working, please contact us, this episode may have been deleted from the servers and we may not see it.

– Why are there more video servers on the site?

We have several servers for each episode because our site visitors are located in all corners of the world and the speed of server access differs in each area. So, it is possible that on episode I the episode will load perfectly, and on server IV it will load harder, depending on the distance between servers and the user’s area. Another reason why there are multiple servers is that the episodes may disappear on some servers, according to DMCA reports.

– When do my favorite shows, series or movies appear?

# The editions of the Romanian TV series and shows usually appear very soon after the TV broadcast, usually during the TV broadcast.
# The episodes of the foreign series appear one day after the broadcast in America.
# Movies appear upon availability, there is no fixed date.

– Why does the subtitle no longer appear in Romanian?

Unfortunately, this does not belong to us, for some time we no longer personally deal with creating subtitles. We try to distribute more quality content and time does not allow us to work on subtitles. The subtitles in Romanian are taken from the sites of subtitles and the translators do the voluntary work, please understand this and be patient.

– Why in X series the subtitle in Romanian appears faster and in Y series it has not appeared yet?
As I said above, each series has one or more translators. Some translate faster, others later, depending on the time of each.

– I try to access the site and it doesn’t work?

If, after accessing the site, the error appears: ” Service Unavailable Error 503″ , please reload the page until it is loaded. It happens at certain times of the day, the server being overloaded. If, however, the page on the site does not appear after a few reloads, contact us at the email address below, or on the Facebook page. You will be answered, we promise!

– Why do I get ads?

As I said, this site does not own video servers, but only distributes content from external servers. External servers use integrated ads for technical maintenance, no server maintains video files without demanding money or monetizing them through advertisements.

– I happened to see ads with adult content? Why on this site?
Unfortunately for us and you, we do not have access to all the advertisements that appear individually on each visitor on our site. We ban these ads, we do not tolerate them, and we try to report them to the servers they offer without our consent. We do not distribute and tolerate this type of content!

Contact the administrator:

For any inconvenience, requests, complaints of any kind or additional information, you can contact the administrators of this site using the contact form below or on  the Facebook page of the site.
Thank you and we welcome you!

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