charisse Christopher Death – An eyewitness to the murder of charisse Christopher

charisse Christopher – Death One of the technical analysis methods that are treated as a moving average line is called charisse Christopher Death “MACD”. Combined with RSI and other technical analysis methods, the probability of buying and selling timing is greatly improved, so it is one of the methods that are always used.

MACD is an abbreviation for “Moving Average Convergence and Divergence”, and it focuses on the concept of moving average convergence and divergence. Specifically, when calculating the short-term line and the medium-term line of the moving average line for a period of 5 days and 25 days, the final value for 5 days and 25 days is added by 1 day, and the amount for 5 days and 25 days Divide by In other words, it means a moving average charisse Christopher  line weighted by the final value, and is an indicator that shows whether the stock price goes up or down from the next day. Therefore, basically, if you understand the idea of ​​the moving average method, you can immediately understand the mechanism of MACD and how to use it.

The method of actually using MACD is the same as the method of using the moving average line. Prepare short-term MACD and medium-term MACD, and determine the buying and selling timing from the positional relationship. For example, the golden cross is when the short-term MACD penetrates the medium-term MACD from the bottom to the top. Conversely, the moment when the short-term MACD penetrates the medium-term MACD from top to bottom is the dead cross.

By using it together with the moving average method, you can determine whether both methods will be golden cross or dead cross, and the timing of buying and selling will improve, so be sure to handle them as a set.

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