Barry odom Murder

barry odom murder here’s the narrative alright so pins ready microphones on let’s talk real life and where we’re at all right I want to get one thing real straight I’m gonna win here that’s gonna happen we will win okay this is a turnaround any way you slice it or dice it or want to look at it this is a turnaround process and unfortunately or maybe fortunately I’m built for this because I’ve been on a whole heck of a lot of my entire life I want to go back to year 1997 and 98 when Larry Smith was here all right his ass went and fought for 14 years and finally broke down the wall okay he did it all right and there’s a lot of people who went and sacrificed and did a lot of things to get that turned around but I was part of it I was in the locker room I saw it I was a captain I know what it takes murderĀ  fast-forward 2004 everybody wanted rowing Gary Pinkel out of town okay that’s pretty damn foolish all right because he that all he’s done to become the winningest coach in program history that was a turnaround it took time okay that’s where we’re at Jay it’s a turnaround and I don’t like it

I want to win right now but that’s not the hand I’m given we’re doing a lot of really good things in this program our kids are working extremely hard we’re not winning games yet but we will I’m the man to go get it done with this staff with this team with this program there’s not anybody left standing after 2015 all right I am and I know what it takes you talk about dark days barry odom I heard that over here walking across the street I’ve seen a damn dark day July 12 2005 okay Aaron O’Neal that’s a dark day all right this ain’t dark days this is when the going get tough you build in together you fight together and you go find a way to get it done and that’s where we’re at it’s part of a turnaround process that is not going to be easy our team knows that I know that our program knows that okay but I got a guy that’s the third team left tackle from rock burns high school that’s got a Twitter account got 12 followers and he wants to put out how terrible we are all right that’s the way this society is that we go and we read and we think oh my gosh Missouri football is we’re this and we’re that one yet alright but I got a group of guys that went over the hospital yesterday that took care of a kid okay I’m building the future for this football team in this program and our kids lives that they’re gonna go be successful in the next 40 years of their life they’re gonna have adversity in their life and they’re gonna go back to this point on how they respond.

burns high school

so I’m good I’ve got a platform to be able to go build it I know what I’ve got in the locker room we’re gonna win that’s going to happen one fast forward a little bit longer 2012 went to Memphis okay maybe the historically at that point was the worst program in the country all right 2012 we won four games all right 2013 we’re a hell of a lot better but we won three games so everybody thinking oh they went backwards knowing go backwards we were better in a lot of spots and then 2014 we were lined up and we won 10 games won our bowl game won a conference championship and at the end of the year and when anybody in the damn country wanted to play our ass I guarantee it because we were playing the way you’re supposed to go play it was a turnaround just in point they did it I was part of it okay so and then fast forward to 2015 okay that was a tough year alright that built me for who I am today that built our program we’re going to get there all right that’s the narrative that’s the turnaround that’s the state of our program I’m disappointed I’m frustrated all the above but I’m in right where I want to be building this team with a whole bunch of guys that want to go do it the right way the right way in every aspect of our organization it’s about

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