Andy Pollitt Death

Andy Pollitt Death – discovered a body in the back seat literally covered up by blankets did you actually see Daniel in the back seat I saw part of him Daniel is burned beyond recognition but it’s where his little body is found that raises eyebrows 1 2 3 I was wrapped up and pushed down in the back seat it wasn’t in the car seat that she started going okay this isn’t right fire investigator Joel jacket and a crash reconstruction team are called in to determine how the car caught fire and more importantly how little Daniel died was the fire pretty significant to the interior of the car yes police photos reveal the cars badly charred interior but oddly there’s little damage of any kind to the outside of the car,

it just didn’t seem to be adding up for something that we had that much action you’d think that it would be a very high-speed collision an even stranger the car’s fuel tank was completely intact there was nothing wrong with the vehicle there were no leaks there was nothing that was broken during the collision fuel tank fuel pump fuel hawaiians if there was no damage to the fuel tank then what would explain this several people had said that they smelled Andy Pollitt Death something that they believed was gasoline fire investigators in Gaithersburg Maryland are about to uncover the most heartless crime imaginable they saw that there was something that wasn’t right when rescuers arrived on the scene they initially believed five-year-old Daniel Dana is the innocent victim of a fiery crash when you’re there and you see this little body in the back it crushes you you just can’t understand it but we have a job that we have to find out what caused this fire Daniel’s mother .

Nargis Schaffer odd who was driving the boy to the beach that night is also severely burned and rushed to a burn unit mainly her hand so Andy Pollitt Death  I thought at that time that she was maybe trying to put the fire out by all appearances a horrific tragedy until an arson dog gets a whiff of something truly terrible the investigator that was actually up on the car said he thought he had an odor of something similar to gasoline

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