Andre Nunes Murder

Andre Nunes Murder – in becoming a police dog handle that probably when I was about five or six year old I joined the Metropolitan Police first in London and then in 1986 transferred north to bonnet castle and I was on the dog section for 17 out of the 30 years that I was in the police force the bread-and-butter work was with the German Shepherd which Murder was referred to as the general-purpose dog we train them to follow a ground scent so that’s searching for the scent of somebody or items somebody has touched it’s just absolutely amazing the way a dog has the ability to smell things out you know

to memorize scent with missing Andre Nunes Murder

calls you’ve got to come out thinking this is the one this is the one where I get a really good result make a difference to somebody’s life save somebody’s life but often now to be truthful there isn’t a high success rate Andre Nunes of of actually locating the person that you’re looking for [Music] it was a warm summer’s night I received a call over the force radio to look for a missing from home I was given this area to search the banks of the river Scoon and also actually Paulin Lin itself it was nighttime so obviously doing a search of that nature is you know is risky because you’re out in the pitch-black you don’t want to be falling into

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