alma georgia murder

alma georgia murder – a river you’re working on your own so I decided that the safest and the best practice was to start my search actually here at this location that Paulin Lane when I initially came down here walking across that bridge everything on the left-hand side is the same but on the right-hand side we can see that there’s now a new development about this location now released the dog of the day which was police dog Tyler and alma georgia murder tossed it was searching this area for anything bearing human scent he pretty much immediately ran straight down away from where we are now.

to a roundabout the location where that first lamppost is had went up in the air and he started to where to sample the air or sniffed the air he then jumped up put his paws up on the wall started to run to and fro like he was playing a piano and then he started to bark about be an indication that he had found something bearing human sand I’ve gone across to alma georgia where he was looked through the fence or the hedge and seen what looked like a derelict house a derelict bungalow my mission Ischl reaction was that he’s probably found a homeless person called out see if there’s anybody there and no replies put my arm through the hedge felt what I now realized was a bin bag pulled out it which caused it to split open a little bit and of course that released

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