Akeelah Ke Ke Jackson

Akeelah Ke Ke Jackson thing that odor is not coming from the outside of the car it’s from the inside it was on Daniels clothes it was on the blanket Daniel was wrapped in it was on the front seat it was on the floor in the front seat it was along the door rails was on the floor of the back seat where Daniel was located when investigators can’t figure out is how the gas got there we found no mechanical problems with the vehicle at all this was just an odd scene from the beginning and what you say we finally figured out that there was something more than just a car fire after an accident cops head to the Burn Center to speak with little Daniels mom she’s in grave condition but offers up a strange explanation clay me she was hauling two gallons of gasoline in the front seat check she gave an excuse to say that she was supposed to be going to the beach.

Akeelah Ke Ke Jackson didn’t want to run enough fuel nargis tells investigators she filled two water jugs with gasoline in case she couldn’t find a late night gas station on their way to the beach stowed them in the passenger seat forgot then a short while later lights up a cigarette and the car erupts she had fumes on her right hand and that’s what ignites first is her right hand and then some of her body ignites as well and then she throws herself out of the car the distraught moms explanation while bizarre seems feasible but it’s what Nargis doesn’t ask investigators that raises real suspicion she never once asked the police about her son you know is he dead how did he Akeelah Ke Ke Jackson die not and didn’t even shed a tear do you think she had any plans at all to go to Ocean City Maryland absolutely not I think that that was a made-up story anybody who has any sort of small life experience knows that there’s gas stations between here and someplace that’s at least four hours away as detectives continue to sift through the scorched wreckage they hit what they call an aha moment the gas tank in the car wasn’t even full so when

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